• Limited appointments will be made available everyday for sick visits. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate your specific time needs.
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for all prescription refill requests to be processed.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for completion of any medical related documents to be filled out.
  • In order to provide you with the best medical care, we ask that you allow us at least 10 business days to receive and review your lab and imaging results. In most cases we will not call. If you are concerned, please do not hesitate to call.
We accept most major insurances. If you are seeing Dr. Watrous as a specialist and your insurance requires a referral, please have that referral before your scheduled appointment.
It is your responsibility to provide this office with your current insurance information. Any uninsured balances are billed on a monthly basis and are due upon receipt of the statement.
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am-4:30pm
Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
We are closed for lunch from 12pm-1pm.
Your co-payment is due at the time of your visit. There will be a $5 surcharge for co-payments that are not made at the time of the visit.